The average American does not want to see the country fail.

The elites want to see the country fail, because the elites believe that if America gets taken down a number of pegs, there will be a greater need for the elites to come in and take that wheel from you people and put it in the hands of their people.

Their people do not love the United States of America, the elites don’t love this country. The elites don’t respect this country. The elites hate this country. They hate this document right behind me, specifically, that constitutional Bill of Rights.

Number one, the freedom of expression, the right for the redress of grievances, the freedom of religion, and they’re upon a we have our entire constitutional republic. At  stake. Thank God, the Second Amendment exists in the way it does, because you’ve got the elites coming out that as well.

The bottom line is this as I was driving across this country, celebrating the freedom of this nation, I was thinking to myself deeply and extensively, what is it that the left hates most about this country? It’s not our, our government, obviously, they love our government. It’s not the capitalist system, they use that as the excuse. I’m going to tell you something. And it’s unbelievably important that you pay attention–what I’m about to tell you, okay?

They hate you. They hate you. And I don’t care if you’re a Republican or a Democrat, I don’t care if you’re male or female. I don’t care if you’re transgender. I don’t care what you orhow you identify, I don’t care. If you love America, if you believe in America, they hate you.