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Two years ago a Juneteenth celebration on Beatties Ford road was violently disrupted by a deadly shooting.

Today Lt. Bryan Crum of the CMPD gave a press conference to share what they have learned in the time since the tragic event — which is just about nothing.

So far witnesses have been more than reluctant to come forward and share any information that they may have about the event and as a result law enforcement officials have not been able to make any real progress in finding out who is responsible for the killings, despite the offer of a cash reward.

In order to help motivate potential witnesses into coming forward and working with the police, the FBI has decided to help convince people it will be worth their while by adding another $30,000 to the reward money, bringing the pot’s total up to more than $47,000.

Anyone with any information is encouraged to reach out to CMPD.

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