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It is June the sixth 2022.

We all recall the almighty sacrifices that were made by our heroes, our brave boys who stormed the beaches on this date in 1944.

It’s incredible to see how much the world has changed since 1944. Here we are almost 80 years removed from our ascendancy into a true world superpower. And a lot is changing before our very eyes. And so much of that is driven by an inability of our politicians, our elected officials to understand the gravity of the world in which we are currently living.

If you go back to 1944, it’s coming on the heels of the vicious attack by Imperial Japan, and the the declaration of war by Nazi Germany against the United States. And it was also coming on the heels of the Great Depression. And this is the important lesson that I think we have got to take as it relates to June 6, and the Great Depression: We are never more than a few missteps away from Cataclysm in our country. At the time of World War Two and into the post war era. It was the golden age of American cities.

But it would be just two decades later that you would watch those cities descend into chaos, looting, burning crisis, all of it gave way to the malaise of the 1970s the resurrection of the 1980s more malaise in the 1990s. And then of course, what we saw in the aftermath of the World Trade Center and Pentagon attacks, plus this Shanksville, Pennsylvania, crashing of the United Flight there as well.

Here’s what is so hugely important — have to understand we’re witnessing the death of our cities.