I watched what President Joseph Robinette Biden said last night in his address to the country, it was, quite frankly not surprising.
It was a certainly very sad occasion to have to give that speech. Because a another school has found itself laid siege to or been put under siege, by the most protected class in all of America criminals. And I’m sorry, but that’s a fact.
What I saw from President Biden last night was a man utterly powerless. Powerless.

And since he can’t deliver the knockout punch against the percentage of Americans that he hates, he’s going to ask you to kind of do it yourself. The reality is this: We have three branches of government, you have the Supreme Court, you have the legislative and you have the the executive branch to have those branches are controlled lock, stock and barrel by the Democratic Party. And he wants to yell at you in South Carolina, and he wants to yell at you in North Carolina, and he wants to yell at you in Georgia and Tennessee, and the Dakotas. Because you’re the problem except none of you shot up a school. None of you are criminals.
The overwhelming majority of criminals are located in places that have high crime rates. And that’s a shame. Because the people in government are lying to you.