The cavalry is not coming.

You heard me the cavalry is not coming.

We the People have been told for the better part of 80 85 years that if something bad happens, the government is going to be there to help you fix it. Now I know if you look back for the last 22 years, right going all the way back to the tail end of the original tech bubble in the late 90s to right now you understand that we have had crisis after crisis, the biggest obviously being 911, the mortgage meltdown, the COVID-19 situation and everything else that we have had happen in the 22 years that we have been in this new century.

And it’s frightening, it’s terrifying. It’s worrisome if you’re not prepared, if you’re not prepared.

Now we’ll talk about the Sussman verdict and all the other stuff that’s moving out there.  I’m dead serious when I say this, you have evidence right in front of you that the help is not coming. The United States of America is for all intents and purposes, a bank with an unlimited credit line that it can tap. We can buy supplies and weapons. And we can buy chairs and tables. And we can buy food and formula. Oh wait, we can’t see for the longest time. People figured America is never gonna go under America’s got endless resources. They’ve got people power. We’ve got freedom and liberty, the Second Amendment, all that sort of stuff. If anybody ever tried to invade the United States of America, they’d end up getting a huge chunk taken out of their side.

Why it’s practically like the movie Independence Day, which was airing over the weekend.