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His nickname is Beto, his father was Irish. He’s, he’s not he’s not Hispanic. And he likes to sort of trade on the ambiguity of maybe being down for the struggle except for the fact that he’s married into an immense amount of money. In the in the city of El Paso, a land developer, a builder, a capitalist, and Beto has no visible means of support doesn’t really have a job. He was a congress person, he was a city council person in El Paso, Texas where I grew up. So I’m well familiar with him and his family. And he was always like, representing the downtrodden. And once upon a time, there was a real estate deal that came in to basically bulldoze a barrio. And he was okay with that. Why? Because he had familial interests in that move. You can go and look this stuff up. It’s it’s in the El Paso Times. It’s in the newspapers there in West Texas, and now he thinks he’s going to become the governor of the state of Texas.