Here’s an ongoing political science project. Each day or a few days or once a week, sit down and keep a legal pad handy. And write down some of the issues that are on your mind the things that you’re really thinking about. And over the course of two weeks or so, go back and look at that list and see what’s constant, see what’s constant, gas prices, inflation, the crime in the streets, mass shootings, all that stuff, and resolve yourself to go and vote. According to the list that you put together. It’s not just about a gut feeling. It’s not just about an emotional drive, what ought to be driving you this election cycle is the thing that matters to you. I don’t know what it is, there’s probably going to be a lot of commonality. But there’s also going to be a fair amount of disconnect from neighbor to neighbor, husband to wife, you name it. Those are going to be the things that are driving you. And it’s going to be awfully hard to remember all of them by the time you get to November.