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Source: MANDEL NGAN / Getty

Hillary Clinton says the US should do more to advocate for people to get the COVID-19 vaccine worldwide. In an interview Monday, she called on President Biden to lead the way in “vaccine diplomacy” with lesser industrialized nations.

The former Secretary of State also said she was “intrigued” and a “little saddened” by the fact that both Russia and China are “pushing their vaccines” out unlike the United States.

“So this is the kind of leadership that the United States has historically been known for which frankly we should be lifting up and doing more of,” Clinton said.

Even though her plans for future expansion sound logical, Clinton admitted the process starts with the supply chain. A strong factor for the US in the fight against the virus. “Now, of course, we have to vaccinate our whole population but from what I’m told we’re going to have more than enough supply to do that,” she said.

Last week, the Biden Administration announced the country would reach 100 million vaccine doses 42 days ahead of schedule. The president said earlier this month the country would have enough COVID vaccine doses for every adult in the US by the end of May.

As of Tuesday, 2.7 million North Carolinians received at least one vaccine dose, according to statistics. That’s roughly 25 percent of the general population in the state. About the same percentage nationwide with 82.7 million people receiving their initial shot from either Pfizer or Moderna.