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Another day in American with a tragic shooting dominating the headlines. Three separate incidents by one gunman in the State of Georgia that have been given the label of a hate crime.

The eight people killed by Robert Aaron Long weren’t all of Asian-American descent, but the media is using the “hate crime” term to link these heinous acts as being targeted. One would believe that deliberate shootings are hate crimes, right?

For instance, the four African-Americans murdered on Beatties Ford Road in Charlotte last June was by definition a hate crime. Over 100 rounds fired into a crowd of people at a block party with video evidence and yet nobody has been arrested for the mass casualty incident. That was a hate motivated crime with the victims possibly targeted.

Maybe that’s how we find the killers from that violent act. The media can call it a hate crime and it will receive the type of coverage it deserves. Because when the term hate crime is applied to a shooting, justice seems to follow shortly after.

Whether it’s nine individuals in three massage parlors in Georgia or four individuals on a street in Charlotte– hate was the root cause of the crime. Both should be treated the same way when it comes to the type of media coverage.

Listen to Pat’s thoughts on hate crimes below.