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ABC's "This Week with George Stephanopoulos" - 2020

Source: Lorenzo Bevilaqua / Getty

A set of one-on-one interviews with President Biden and former President Trump in primetime shows how the media has treated each of them differently.

Biden appeared on ABC with George Stephanopoulos and during his time was asked about the sexual harassment scandal with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. What was omitted from being asked during the interview was the President’s own sexual misconduct allegations while serving in the US Senate.

If President Trump was asked the same question by Stephanopoulous, the follow-up response would be much different. He would’ve redirected to allegations against Trump and stuck it against him. That wasn’t the case with Biden and it was evident those questions were probably off-the-table.

The preferential treatment of Biden is sickening especially knowing how Trump was treated unfairly. And the media doesn’t even hide they’re friendly agenda either. Every question was soft to keep the tone friendly and warm. That’s not real journalism to bring the leader of the free world on for an interview and not ask the hard hitting questions.

Listen to Pat’s thoughts on the Biden and Trump interviews below.