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Teenage couple dressed for prom, slow dancing

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All dressed up with nowhere to go. With several proms being canceled due to COVID-19 in North Carolina, students are looking for alternatives to celebrate end of year festivities. Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools made the decision to forgo the dances altogether due to the associated risks with indoor gatherings. But sporting events all across the state will go on as planned with an increase of people in attendance.

One of the many backwards policies supported by Gov. Roy Cooper during this pandemic.

You’ve got to be kidding me? Having people cheer at stadiums is okay, but kids attending their own prom is not allowed. This is Cooper’s North Carolina and his vision of dealing with the virus. And at the end of the day, it’s all about money.

A prom doesn’t make money. On the other hand, sporting events bring in a good amount of money. It was the same for Cooper’s curfew policy that hurt businesses in the state. The ones kicking back the most were taken care of with others left out to dry.

This is just playing politics with a memory some student will never be able to have. A prom setting can be safe if done right. However,  Cooper and others don’t want that. They would rather have the ability to control people rather than work with them. The new normal for North Carolinians who’re forced to deal with Cooper’s lack of leadership. If it’s not part of his agenda, forget about it.

The same thing goes with the schools reopening. Cooper has the power to order a shut down of schools if the pandemic where to get worse. It’s all about power and control; and less to do with science and facts.

Listen to Pat’s thoughts on the cancellation of prom below.