President Donald J. Trump...

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Former President Trump and former first lady Melania Trump were vaccinated at the White House in January, according to sources.

Trump and his wife kept the information private before leaving the White House, making no public remarks about the Coronavirus vaccine. He did however urge people to get the shot during his speech to the Conservative Political Action Conference on Sunday, but did not mention that he had been vaccinated.

The Trumps contracted COVID-19 in October, a bout for the former president more serious than initially reported from the White House, according to reports.

Other top U.S. officials, including President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris received the vaccine in televised events to show confidence in the process. Former Vice President Mike Pence also rolled up his sleeve to show the American public it was safe.

“Never let them forget this was us. We did this,” Trump said at CPAC about the COVID-19 vaccine distribution.

Trump’s claims contradict a CNN report which showed Biden had to “effectively start from scratch when he took office and that there was no vaccine distribution plan left behind by the Trump administration.”

On Saturday, the one-shot Johnson & Johnson vaccine was authorized for emergency use by the FDA, and is now being shipped across the U.S. but is less-effective than similar two dose varieties of the vaccine.