Trump to NC governor: You have a week to decide on RNC site

Source: Raleigh News & Observer / Getty

North Carolina Roy Cooper signed an executive order to allow establishments that serve alcohol the option for to-go cocktail service on Monday. That’s the point we’re at in the pandemic. Please tell me how drive-thru booze lines are even important? I understand the efforts to curb the spread of Coronavirus, but where does this rank with everything else?

People are still Christmas shopping maskless next to each other in overcrowded malls, but I guess “science” says the virus knows those people are immune while buying presents. They call that the gift of giving, right? Same goes for those dining in at restaurants. I think they call that “Spreading holiday cheer.”  Somehow the conversation comes back to alcohol. But Let’s be real, the virus doesn’t know the difference between the bar and the mall.

It doesn’t discriminate on who’ll get sick and who doesn’t. The good Governor believes this will drive our numbers down, or to use his term, turn the dimmer switch down. Does any of this make sense? We’re focused on being one step away from a society of drunk driver. We can do better than this. With the amount of tent cities that are popping up in Charlotte on a daily basis, where is the help for those folks? Why is Cooper not signing an executive order to give them assistance?

I’m disappointed because this will certainly lead to minors abusing this with establishment not always checking ID’s. It’s a reckless use of a rarely used emergency power. I hope Cooper understands how dangerous it can be if this is used incorrectly.

But wait there’s more.

Restaurants and bars in North Carolina who’re planning to serve to-go cocktails will have to get creative. According to the Governor’s office, a lid does not count as a seal when serving mixed drinks. Good luck with that one. Sounds like a losing proposition for everyone involved. Does carry out food need to be sealed too? Can you imagine a burger being vacuum sealed? Let’s not give them any ideas.

For anyone doubting the process, I suggest you go to your local ABC store to pick up a bottle of your favorite drink of choice. Well now… A problem solved and it didn’t require an executive order to get done. The more you know.