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Tune in here to this ​Monday edition of Breaking With Brett Jensen!

Breaking Brett Jensen kicks the show off by talking about the Panther’s proposed renovations to the stadium, which you can see a virtual version of on their YouTube channel, and Brett breaks down the various changes they plan to make. The proposal is asking the City to contribute $650 million to the renovations, this will be voted on by Charlotte City Council on June 24th.

Later in the show Brett shares an interview with Charlotte City Councilman Malcolm Graham where they discuss the Panther’s proposal. In comparison to past proposals from other NFL teams, the city of Charlotte is getting off cheap.

These renovations aren’t something that will only benefit the Panthers and their share holders, it is something that will benefit Charlotte at large. NFL games bring in tourists and tourists bring in money that will be spread over the city from pre-game meals to post-game drinks and more.

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