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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson & Beth Troutman

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Good Morning BT with Bo Thompson and Beth Troutman entire Tuesday, May 21st, 2024 show.


6:05 Beth’s song of the day

6:20 Beth HATES the sound of a leaf blower

6:35 Johns Hopkins students look to make leaf blowers more quiet

6:50 RAM Biz Update; Red Lobster filing for Bankruptcy


7:05 Cody Johnson Tickets Giveaway

7:20 Cody Johnson Tickets cont.

7:35 $400 Luxury Fruit

7:50 Guest: Brett Winterble – Coke Bottle Fiasco and Michael Cohen


8:05 Guest: Paula Kweskin – Human Rights Lawyer/Documentarian (Israel/Hamas Conflict)

8:20 Guest: Paula Kweskin – Cont.

8:35 Dirty Restaurant Tuesday

8:50 News and Brews Promo and Thursday Show Announcement


9:05 Guest: Brett Jensen

9:20 Brett Jensen talks News and Brews and NC GOP with Bo and Beth

9:35 News and Brews Plans and Listener Questions

9:50 AMA with Bo, Beth, and Brett (News and Brews Edition)