Weekend Programming

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1a to 5a: Coast to Coast AM
5a to 6a: Carolina Outdoors
6a to 8a: Charlotte's Saturday Morning News
8a to 9a: Home Improvement with John & Dave

9a to10a: Bulls and Bears

10a to 11a: Investing Sense
11a to Noon: Financial Symphony
Noon to 1p:
1p to 2p: ABC Perspective
2p to 3p: Your Real Estate Today
3p to 4p: Ask Dr. Ernst
4p to 5p: Brag Radio, Be Rich AND Generous
5p to 6p: Ask the Expert: Remodeling & Renovations with Tim Moss & Sons
6p to 7p: AARP Without Limits
7p to 9p: Cigar Dave
9p to 1a: John Batchelor


1a to 5a: Coast to Coast AM
5a to 6a: Carolina Focus with Mark Thomas
6a to 8a: Charlotte's Morning News with Don Russell
8a to 9a: David Chadwick
9a to 10a: At Home with Roby
10a to 11a:ABC News Perspective
11a to Noon: Safe Money & Income Radio
Noon to 1p: Rich Dad Radio with Robert Kiyosaki
1p to 2p: This Week with George Stephanopoulos
2p to 3p: Hobart Financial Hour
3p to 6p: Rush Limbaugh
6p to 7p: Bulls and Bears
7p to 8p: Clear Income Strategies
8p to 9p: Leo the Tech Guy
9p to 1a: John Batchelor