500 people get duplicate tax refund checks, can keep only 1

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- Five hundred Rhode Island residents have received duplicate tax refund checks totaling $364,000. A state official says human error is to blame. The checks were sent in a group of refunds mailed Friday. The checks people received are identical, but only one of the two checks can be cashed. The Rhode Island Department of Administration and the Department of Revenue say they expect no financial impact.

Senate leader: 'Horrendous' roads deal deceives taxpayers

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- A bill that's supposed to raise money to fix South Carolina's crumbling roadways has been turned into a hoax on taxpayers, legislative leaders said Wednesday in criticizing a bipartisan deal negotiated in the Senate. The amendment, approved late Tuesday, would cut income taxes, give college students a tuition tax credit, cut businesses' property taxes and allow South Carolinians to get a rebate for extra taxes paid at the pump.

Carson eyes private sector as tool to offset housing cuts

COLUMBUS, Ohio (AP) -- Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson said Wednesday he expects to release a policy agenda within the next few months that delivers "bang for the buck," partly by encouraging more private-sector collaboration. In an interview with The Associated Press, Carson said he expects to advance public-private partnerships, extending low-income housing tax credits and providing more opportunities for public-housing residents to get jobs at the buildings where they live.

Ivanka Trump heads to Berlin for women's conference

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Ivanka Trump's advocacy for women and girls will take her to a conference in Berlin Tuesday, an attention-getting first international outing aimed at building support for investment in women's economic empowerment programs. Back home, the first daughter's plan to push for policies that benefit working mothers is getting less of the spotlight.

Senators reject proposal to cut taxes in road-funding bill

COLUMBIA, S.C. (AP) -- Senators have rejected a proposal inserting tax cuts into a bill raising revenue to fix South Carolina's crumbling roadways. The Senate voted 22-20 on Wednesday against an amendment that would have cut income taxes and manufacturers' property taxes, and increased tuition tax credits for students and tax deductions for officers. The proposal by Republican Sen. Sean Bennett was expected to eventually reduce state revenues by more than $400 million annually.

5 things to know about Tax Day: refunds are up, audits down

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Tuesday is Tax Day, that dreaded day when millions of procrastinators rush to fulfill their civic duty by filing state and federal tax returns. But for most, it's not that bad. Sure, the forms are complicated and yes, there is math. But tax season also generates about $300 billion in refunds, a significant boost to the U.S. economy.

California approves $91 million in tax breaks for 114 firms

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (AP) -- A state economic development board on Thursday approved an $8 million tax credit for General Motors as the company looks to expand its autonomous vehicle division in San Francisco. The GM tax credit was among more than $91 million in California Competes incentives for 114 companies approved at a board meeting in Sacramento of Gov. Jerry Brown's GO-Biz agency.

Trump tells CEOs he'll only back shovel-ready infrastructure

WASHINGTON (AP) -- With legislation overhauling taxes and health care on an uncertain path, President Donald Trump returned to the familiar. Trump brought 52 business leaders from New York City to the White House Tuesday to talk about another favorite campaign issue -- infrastructure and economic growth. The U.S. economy has so far proven to be a point of pride for a presidency that has otherwise gotten off to a rocky start.