New security measure could cause travelers to reroute trips

DALLAS (AP) -- A new security measure banning many electronic devices on flights from 10 mostly Muslim countries is leading travelers to reconsider their plans to fly through some airports in the Middle East and Africa. Paula Berger, an energy-company manager, and a co-worker have tickets to fly from the U.S. through Dubai to Hyderabad, India, where her company has an office.

Apple cuts prices on lower-end iPads, releases red iPhones

NEW YORK (AP) -- Apple is cutting prices on two iPad models and introducing red iPhones, but the company held back on updating its higher-end iPad Pro tablets. A much-speculated 10.5-inch iPad Pro didn't materialize, nor did new versions of existing sizes in the Pro lineup, which is aimed at businesses and creative professionals. The new devices are mostly refreshes of existing models.

First daughter Ivanka Trump gets West Wing office

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Cementing her role as a powerful White House influence, Ivanka Trump is working out of a West Wing office and will get access to classified information, though she is not technically serving as a government employee, according to an attorney for the first daughter.

All ears: Caro working on audio-only project

NEW YORK (AP) -- Robert Caro's next project is for ears only. The Pulitzer Prize-winning historian is planning an audio-only release, "On Power," drawing upon his years as an investigative journalist and his research into the lives of President Lyndon Johnson and municipal builder Robert Moses. "On Power" will be narrated by Caro and released exclusively through the audiobook producer and distributor Audible Inc.

Chelsea Clinton joins Expedia board of directors

NEW YORK (AP) -- Chelsea Clinton is joining the board of directors of online travel booking site Expedia. Documents filed with securities regulators say the daughter of defeated U.S. presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has joined its 14-member board. The company is controlled by Barry Diller. Chelsea Clinton is also a director of another company that Diller controls, IAC/InterActiveCorp.

Dallas offers cautionary tale as it moves to fix 911 woes

DALLAS (AP) -- Dallas has been experiencing disruptions in its 911 service that began in October and at one point last week resulted in 360 calls being placed on hold. More dispatchers have been assigned to field 911 calls and technological glitches have been fixed, which should smooth operations, a city spokeswoman said Friday.

A third of Chipotle's board is on the way out

NEW YORK (AP) -- Chipotle, which is trying to revive its fortunes after being rattled by food safety scares, said a third of its board members will leave in May after their terms expire, including three long-time members who were on the board before Chipotle became a public company more than a decade ago.

High-tech backpacks open world of whales to deaf students

SAMANA, Dominican Republic (AP) -- Every winter, whale-watching excursions take tourists to ride alongside humpbacks frolicking in the Caribbean. One voyage this week pursued whales for their mysterious, multi-octave songs, but with passengers who didn't hear the grunting and squealing. The dozens of deaf students wore high-tech backpacks that turn whale songs into vibrations, opening the world of whales to children who gasped and marveled at feeling the sounds for the first time.

Dallas scrambles to fix 911 delays in wake of 2 deaths

DALLAS (AP) -- Dallas officials are working with T-Mobile engineers to determine what's prompting a flood of ghost calls that's forced hundreds of 911 calls to be placed on hold and may have slowed the emergency response to two people who died. Dallas resident David Taffet confronted Mayor Mike Rawlings at a news conference Wednesday to say it took 20 minutes to get through to 911 after his husband stopped breathing last week.

Charges coming in Yahoo breach...Lawmakers see no evidence of wiretap...Judge hears new challenge to travel ban

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A law enforcement official says the Justice Department is preparing to announce charges against four defendants, including two Russian security services officers, in a mega data breach at Yahoo. The official says two of the defendants are Russian FSB officers and the other two are criminal hackers. One of the defendants has been taken into custody in Canada. The charges arise from a 2014 compromise of Yahoo user accounts.

AM Prep-Cyber Corner

IN THE NEWS: PANDORA LAUNCHING ON-DEMAND SERVICE NEW YORK (AP) -- Pandora is trying to think outside the box when it comes to the way it's offering its music to users. It is launching an on-demand music service that will cost $10 a month. The existing Pandora is more like traditional radio -- where listeners can listen to customized stations.

FDA OKs new Novartis drug for type of advanced breast cancer

TRENTON, N.J. (AP) -- U.S. regulators have approved a new drug as an initial treatment for postmenopausal women with a type of advanced breast cancer. The drug, called Kisqali and developed by Swiss drugmaker Novartis AG, is a pill that works to slow the spread of cancer by blocking two proteins that can stimulate growth and division of cancer cells. It's for women who have metastatic breast cancer known as HR+/HER2-.

Pandora starts on-demand music subscription service

NEW YORK (AP) -- Internet radio company Pandora is launching an on-demand music service for $10 a month. Pandora's existing service works more like radio. People listen to music on customizable stations. The premium service launching this month will let users choose specific songs or albums and will personalize recommendations based on people's listening habits. There is also an "offline mode.

A look at some Israeli high-tech successes

JERUSALEM (AP) -- Intel announced Monday it will spend more than $15 billion to acquire Mobileye, an Israeli company that develops technology that essentially gives computers a sense of their physical surroundings -- the largest high-tech acquisition in the history of the Jewish State. Faced with limited natural resources, Israel has fostered a vibrant high-tech culture in recent decades. Mobileye joined a long list of high-tech companies that have earned Israel the nickname "Startup Nation.

Trump's choice for FDA has ties to Wall Street, drug makers

WASHINGTON (AP) -- A conservative doctor-turned-pundit with deep ties to Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry is President Donald Trump's pick to lead the Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Scott Gottlieb would be tasked with Trump's goal of cutting red tape at the FDA, which regulates everything from pharmaceuticals to seafood to electronic cigarettes. Trump has called the FDA's drug approval process "slow and burdensome" despite changes to speed reviews, particularly of cutting-edge products.

Trump picks former FDA official to head food and drug agency

WASHINGTON (AP) -- President Donald Trump announced Friday that has chosen a conservative doctor-turned-pundit with deep ties to Wall Street and the pharmaceutical industry to lead the powerful Food and Drug Administration. Dr. Scott Gottlieb would be tasked with Trump's goal of cutting red tape at the FDA, which regulates everything from pharmaceuticals to seafood to electronic cigarettes.

Google's self-driving car company escalates battle with Uber

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) -- A self-driving car company founded by Google is presenting new evidence to support allegations that a former manager stole technology sold to Uber to help the ride-hailing service build its own robot-powered vehicles. Waymo, a project hatched by Google eight years ago, wove its tale of deceit in sworn statements filed Friday in a San Francisco federal court.

House GOP health bill would cut women's services

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Women seeking abortions and some basic health services, including prenatal care, contraception and cancer screenings, would face restrictions and struggle to pay for some of that medical care under the House Republicans' proposed bill. The legislation, which would replace much of former President Barack Obama's health law, was approved by two House committees on Thursday.