Column: Another sobering reminder of the price players pay

The news seemed unimaginable, much as it might have 78 years ago when Yankees fans learned Lou Gehrig was diagnosed with the disease that would later bear his name. It came on a Sunday night via a more modern form of communication, a Twitter feed. Dwight Clark didn't need the full 140 characters to stun football fans everywhere. "I wanted to share some unfortunate news: I have ALS," Clark tweeted .

Woman burned after headphones explode on flight to Australia

SYDNEY (AP) -- An Australian woman suffered burns to her face after her battery-operated headphones exploded during a flight from Beijing to Melbourne, Australian air safety investigators said Wednesday. The woman, whose name was not released, fell asleep on the plane while wearing the headphones and awoke to a loud explosion about two hours into the flight, the Australian Transport Safety Bureau said in a statement about the Feb. 19 incident.

Juice order at Chinese buffet causes children throat burns

Two children suffered burn-type injuries to their mouths and throats after drinking what they believed to be apple juice at a Chinese buffet in Pennsylvania, and authorities said Monday they are investigating the cause. The children remained hospitalized in fair condition, three days after their visit to the Star Buffet and Grill outside Lancaster, about 70 miles west of Philadelphia. A 10-year-old boy and 4-year-old girl suffered blistering and were vomiting, said Lt.

Fantasia Barrino suffers burns, cancels concert

Fantasia Barrino has canceled a concert in Tennessee after suffering what her husband says are second-degree burns in an accident. A post on the singer's Instagram account Sunday, attributed to husband Kendall Taylor, includes a picture of Barrino with a bandage around her arm. It says she experienced second-degree burns on the arm earlier Sunday. He says the injury forced her to cancel Sunday's scheduled show in Memphis.

Britain's soccer associations to fund dementia research

LONDON (AP) -- A large study is being funded by Britain's soccer associations to try to determine whether players are more prone to developing dementia. The announcement was made on Friday by the associations after they used a meeting of soccer's lawmaking body to back the introduction of electronic devices on the sidelines to enhance player welfare, including assessing potential concussions by watching video replays.

Coroner: Inmate autopsy showed no sign of physical trauma

NEW ORLEANS (AP) -- A coroner says the autopsy of an inmate found dead in his New Orleans cell shows signs that he died of causes related to drugs or medication. Orleans Parish Coroner Dr. Jeffrey Rouse said in a statement Friday that an autopsy of 23-year-old Colby Crawford showed "no physical signs of trauma.

New trauma unit to help former Islamic State sex slaves

DOHUK, Iraq (AP) -- After their rape and torture by Islamic State extremists for months or years, Yazidi women face ongoing suffering from psychological trauma even if they do manage to escape. Until now, a lack of psychiatrists and other mental health specialists in northern Iraq meant that many Yazidi women -- a minority singled out for especially harsh treatment by IS -- got little or no help.

Mosquito saliva vaccine? NIH tests new way to fight illness

WASHINGTON (AP) -- Wanted: 60 people willing to be bitten by mosquitoes to test a new kind of vaccine -- one that acts against the bugs' saliva. Rather than separate vaccines against Zika or other mosquito-borne diseases, the new approach aims to protect against multiple infections by triggering the immune system to rev up in response to the bite itself.