Italy court recognizes non-biological overseas gay adoption

ROME (AP) -- A court in Florence has recognized the overseas adoptions of children by two same-sex couples in rulings hailed by the gay rights community as a new step for Italy. The Tribunal for Minors recognized the British and U.S. adoptions as legal here, allowing the Italian citizenship of the parents to be passed onto the children.

South Dakota governor mum on religious adoption protections

South Dakota's Republican governor isn't saying whether he'll sign a measure aimed at protecting faith-based organizations that refuse to place children with gay couples or other arrangements contrary to their religious beliefs. Gov. Dennis Daugaard frustrated the more conservative elements of his party last year by vetoing a bill that would have required students to use bathrooms and locker rooms corresponding with their birth gender.

Before "Lion," the story behind an unlikely family reunion

KHANDWA, India (AP) -- Editor's note: Four years before the movie "Lion" was released, two Associated Press reporters told the story of Saroo Brierley's complicated reunion with his mother, Fatima Munshi. This is that story, which was originally published by the AP in 2012: _____ Saroo's eyes snapped open and everything was suddenly, horribly, wrong.

Update on the latest religion news

OBIT-DOUG COE National Prayer Breakfast organizer dies at 88 ANNAPOLIS, Md. (AP) -- Doug Coe, who cultivated relationships with national and world leaders and whose ministry coordinated the annual National Prayer Breakfast in Washington, has died at the age of 88. Family spokesman Larry Ross says Coe died Tuesday in Annapolis, Maryland, after a brief hospitalization following a heart attack and stroke.

Adopted kids see long-lasting effects of Romanian orphanages

LONDON (AP) -- Romanian children adopted from overcrowded orphanages in the 1990s were more likely to suffer psychological problems as adults compared to other children taken in by British families, according to a decades-long study. Doctors say the findings suggest there is a critical window when young brains develop that may determine someone's future mental health, and that some problems might not be fixable later. "These kids came to the U.K.

Jan 30

Puppy Bowl 2016

11:00 am, Unnamed Venue

  The A Plus Garage Doors Puppy Bowl is a partnership between twenty local businesses and three shelters to try and get dogs adopted. We will be hosting a mock game of football played by dogs, a showcase of local vendors, and a Rent-a-Puppy Booth!