(Photo by John Moore/Getty Images)

NCDOT addresses problem of increased accidents along the I - 77 construction corridor

The I - 77 construction corridor between Charlotte and Cornelius has become a high accident zone.

Since construction began last year, accidents along the corridor are up by more than 400 from the three previous years. There has also been a 62 per cent increase of drivers crashing into fixed objects and side swipe crashes are up by 83 per cent.

Some who attended the meeting in Cornelius Thursday evening told city officials and Lake Norman area leaders they believe drivers through that area just need to slow down and speed limits enforced.

NCDOT Deputy Engineer Scott Cole stated that posted speed limits stay in effect as long as there are no construction workers in the zones but the speed limit drops to 55  miles an hour during construction periods. He added that distracted driving has increased accidents nationwide by 20 per cent.

Reduced speed limits or not, drivers along the stretch can expect all twenty six miles of the toll lane project to be under construction by later this summer.