Tariq Bokhari: Mecklenburg County Hacked


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Well when I had him on the show yesterday and I said. They were gonna really fight back from time to time to pick your brain. I don't think he realized it would be. The next day. But I've been watching his Twitter feed and we've been watching this developing story. Multiple files from a former Guyanese server being held ransom after being hacked yesterday according to. The county manager. And the hackers are demanding bitcoin 23000 dollars in ransom money. By 1 o'clock today. Dark car radio city councilman the brand new one from district number six. Joins me again and so I ID I was gonna give you a few days to you know relax and rest up before the next time we called you but. You you are by trade when your not a city councilman Europe Europe then tech guy you you know this stuff pretty well and you've been watching this this story I'm sure with with. I even more interest than most people because of what you do here in your day job. The files are in by the computer file that I am at right. So yeah that the in my age in fact on insect and my last company bill that would actually. A portion of managed service. Cyber security thought I'm I'm very versed in the I'm going to be the job. To our city manager colleague and and that just about. On the practice that you know I've seen him put in Clayton across the country in the world really. And and and shut the importance involved in this is not pleasant for the county whatsoever. It is agree wakeup call as it relates to you'll. You know bit that the government to spend money on responsibly. And it is one area you can not. The triarc. Well one of the one of your tweets in recent hours he said when you get hit with an encryption based ransom where attack you've got two options. Build a time machine or figure out how to buy bitcoin. Kendall and I always thought that. What I'm seeing these cool would you cost effective. You know when you get at that point in the heat in the it is an area yet at the breach itself. You know there are some some alternative options of using backup restore and now but really you know is that this is. Everything you kind of was months and months and years ago for for an event like that naturally a lot of training. With a lot of Palestinians about unity. Companies like fish neither fish line that it is not a hobby in the private sector and I've been pleased with the report. The city I wondered just double have actually are participating and a fine that challenge early on and partner in working with the county so calm and thank you worker. While they county manager Dina your EO has said that and no personal information was compromised but. This means they have to go to you know paper business. Until they can figure this out so things are gonna slow down as far as county services are concerned but Mecklenburg County apparently has until 1 o'clock today to decide. Now whether to pay the ransom or. Has spent the money to fix that the hack in and as the Oreo said. It may be more cost effective to just simply pay the ransom. And get things back up and running but. You know we talk so much about how you knew guys in and you know meet new men and women are gonna have to get up to speed on how. Pack as city and county government works but in this case you're somebody who brings in a new. A level of expertise that maybe a lot of people who are or are have been there. Are used to these types of problems so this is a situation where you can kind of help get some people in and sitting county government up to speed I would suspect. Well yeah I think all all of the new folks and really everybody kind of a unique on private sector experience that there are. Bird and to bring you cable like I'm lucky that it speak that my card called first year. All but you know it. I obviously talk aren't that he won't electric that several times. And that the great opportunities. You know once we get past it and here earlier point they're. They're really is no alternative at this point based on what I've heard you know while it's great that note I've confidential payment date information that had been breached. You've got. You you've already been and gone to a halt I'd vote commenting on social media about. How tomorrow's gonna be really tough for a bit street Bernard you know he just. It crystal clear you've got to do you hope that you need to key and move forward and then really what you gotta do. On the and that is what I'll be doing clearly council manager form of government. You you know do you govern try to micromanage their but I I'm market he agreed not quite take a look at all of our practices and insider perspective because. Preventative controls. Are worth a hundred times that of Baja of reactive responses were effective control in the east. Well I was talking to our cyber security expert at last our and I I said. You know we've talked about this theme this this bitcoin does ransom where thing in general with businesses for a long time so the scenario that. His playing out is not and a new one but. It happening to accounting government. Is new so I guess maybe my last question is are you surprised it's taken this long. Yeah I'd I'd so one of the statements that cliche. But that he got that is not a matter. If you're breached yeah or even and in my mind the matter out. You know that would unify. Find out of the breach that actually party Kurtz you know that the Israeli foreign. It coincidence that it you're last caller do you know about birth date and Jim pocket book page also got a pack of conspiracy. Honda. Well well we'll see and we'll learn together two days in a row I appreciate it he's a fan tech professional and also brand new City Council member district number six. And brings a lot of a new cyber expertise to the table patriarch the car appreciate yet you coming on again witness. Mark what are you tomorrow he hit it yet who knows that's going to be about.