Going Global Segment 32: Bringing Ambassadors To Charlotte

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Segment Transcript:

Bo Thompson: Bo Thompson back here for another edition of Going Global brought to you by CPCC and back with me today is LJ Stambuk, he’s the president and CEO of the world affairs council of Charlotte.

LJ Stambuk: Good to be here.

Bo Thompson: Good to have you hear again and let me ask you we talked a lot about ambassadors the last time you and I spoke and you were talking about some of the stats off the air as far as ambassadors and the queen city total you had ten years ago we didn’t have any and now that picture has changed quite a bit.

LJ Stambuk: When people would stop by Charlotte sometimes it would by accident especially at the level of ambassador and just in 2014 we had 6 ambassadors visiting Charlotte as the guests of the world’s council Charlotte; ambassadors of Austria, Spain, of Panema, Sweden, and so on so we are delighted to be able to attract them to Charlotte, to show them Charlotte, to introduce them to Charlotte, and also to in many ways help the world to discover Charlotte.

Bo Thompson: LJ why the increase in the numbers in the last several years.

LJ Stambuk: I believe Charlotte has a story to tell; and if you bring an ambassador here and you show him what Charlotte is all about they go back and they talk to the other ambassadors and people in the diplomatic core in Washington, D.C. and the word spreads it has become so much easier for us to reach out to ambassadors and actually we’re getting people calling us now to come and visit with the world affairs council Charlotte and be our guests do visit our website because you can see the programs on global experts coming to Charlotte from around the world talking on issues from fracking to global economic issues to business to water to pollution worldaffairsCharlotte.org thank you so very much.

Bo Thompson: That’s LJ Stambuk and this has been Going Global as presentation of CPCC and WBT.