Cremated ashes stolen from car of a Gastonia family in San Francisco

It was a memorial trip that took a wrong turn.

Mary Wilkinson who, along with her daughter Julia, had traveled from Gastonia to San Francisco and were planning on scattering the ashes of her husband in a city that he loved visiting.

While they were there, vandals broke into their rental car and Julia says they stole more than just the ashes of her father. Personal items including luggage and Mary's wallet were also taken in the heist.

But it was the stolen ashes of Joe Wilkinson that Mary and Julia were planning to have scattered at the Redwood National Park to memorialize Mary's husband that has hurt them the most.

San Francisco supervisor Norman Yee has issued a public apology to the family for what has happened.

Mary stated that she was planning on moving to San Francisco but, since this incident, now has no plans of doing so.

San Francisco police have no leads at this time as to who broke into the rental car.