Ask Dr. Ernst: Four Steps to Take Right Now to Get a Jump on New Years

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Dr. Aaron
by Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C. D.PSc.

This time of year is crazy. Almost everyone I know is running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to tie up loose ends at work, get presents for the kids (and spouses and parents and grandparents and nieces and nephews and the mailman, etc., etc., etc.).  We’re planning trips and attending Christmas parties, cooking for potlucks and, through it all, trying to make sure the kids are shielded from the hustle and bustle so they can have a nice, innocent holiday season like the ones we remember from our own childhood.

And somewhere in that mess, we have goals and aspirations we want to implement in the New Year, otherwise known as New Years Resolutions.

When you think about it, how successful can a big life change be if you don’t prepare for it in some way or another? The holiday season puts us on a path to fail at New Years Resolutions—which is probably why only 8-10% of us actually accomplish our resolutions. In brief moments of quietness, we think about how we’re going to start jogging or eat right, but it’s quickly interrupted by the next trip to the mall or the next task at work.

There’s still time to get on the right track. That’s why I’ve put a together a list of my TOP 4 HEALTHY HOLIDAY ACTIONS you can do right now to put your body and mind in the right space for attacking your New Years Resolutions.

If you have goals you want to pursue in the New Year, just pursue them. Normally, I would say: What are you waiting for? What is the real significance of an arbitrary point on a calendar other than to procrastinate? However, as I realize that’s more easily said than done, putting these 4 action steps into your daily routine will supercharge you for your 2016 goals.

  1. Drink ½ Your Body Weight in Oz. of water each day

Its estimated at 90% of Americans suffer from chronic dehydration.  Technically, the majority of your body is made from water – yet most of ours is made from carbonated beverages, coffee and tea! Increasing the water in your system helps prevent cancer, improves your mood and fills you with both physical and mental energy. Additionally, drinking more water helps you lose weight and it aids our immune system by flushing out toxins and pathogens. Rehydrating your body has also been shown to bring clarity to your skin and mind!

  1. Remove Added and Processed Sugar From Your Diet

It’s tough during the holidays, but do it anyway. Sugar is currently seen in the scientific and medical community as a poison. For example, a recent study shows that the sugar in a 1-liter soda kills 40 percent of your white blood cells, putting your immune system and you at serious health at risks! Sugar is the primary cause of weight gain and obesity and has been linked to almost every chronic and degenerative disease we know of today – including diabetes, heart disease and cancer. It’s so dangerous to your health that most people see an INSTANT improvement with just removing some. Imagine what your body will do when you cut it out and immediately!

  1. Meditate for 10 minutes a day.

This doesn’t mean you put on a sarong, cross your legs on a bamboo mat and hover 12” off the floor. It just means finding a time to put your cares and worries aside for ten minutes. Close your eyes, listen to your own breath and clear your mind by saying an affirmation word  (Health, Energy, Happiness etc) over and over and over in your mind. You’ll be amazed at how energized, calm and prepared for the day meditating for even 10 min will make you. Meditation reduces stress, which will help you lose weight. It improves your concentration in other areas of life, which starts a positive feedback loop in your job, in your relationships and for your self-esteem. It’s good for your heart and lungs, it slows the ageing process and it increases an overall sense of well-being.

  1. Spend Some Time Outside

I’m not asking you to go out and run three miles during your lunch break. Just start taking some time to get outside and move around. Go for a walk, play a game of soccer with your little ones, take the dog out for a game of fetch. Get your mind and body used to movement. It’s all too often we get used to sitting at the office, sitting in the car and going home and sitting in front of the TV. Do something to break that up. A 10-minute walk every day has been shown to reduce overall stress, reduce chronic pain, help lung and heart function, positively affect depression and improve your brain function. And it’s almost the most natural thing the human body can do.

These Top 4 Holiday Health Actions are simple, quick and easy changes that have profound benefits of their own. Putting these 4 actions into your daily routine will not only improve your life but also your health.

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