Ask Dr. Ernst: The Awesome Power of "I Am"

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Dr. Aaron
by Dr. Aaron Ernst, D.C. D.PSc.

As almost all people are good at heart, it’s safe to say that most people have good intentions. But, as the saying goes, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.”

What gets in the way? Laziness, inertia, distraction, procrastination, taking the path of least resistance, negativity.

They are all somewhat related, but let’s talk about that last one: negativity. You probably know someone who carries a negative attitude or outlook on life. They don’t believe in themselves, they don’t believe that anything good ever happens, they’re full of excuses and explanations, they see the world through a negative filter.

Let me ask you: How does a negative outlook impact ones life? It’s probably a struggle for them just to make it through the workday, let alone make time for their friends and family (if they have any) or taking life to another level as an engaged citizen or community member. Have they made any progress on achieving goals? Do they even have any goals? Here’s the life of a negative outlook in a simple diagram:

Intention -> Negativity -> Nothing -> Regret

Negativity is a poison. It usually starts off with something rather natural, like disappointment with a setback or the loss a support system. The difference between the negative person and the achiever is whether or not they get back on the horse or let their disappointment spiral into anger, entitlement and ultimately, a self-defeating overall outlook.

If you’re deep in the negativity zone—or even just to protect yourself from going over to the “dark side,”—there’s something you should consider. It’s not at all anything new. Philosophers, prophets, great leaders, poets and any advocate of the power and beauty of the human spirit has said some version of it.

I’ll just put it this way: YOU create your reality. Your life is a canvas and you are the one holding the paintbrushes.

Sure, it all sounds well and good, but how to really implement these truths into your life becomes a bit more difficult. To restate: we all have good intentions, but while we’re driving to work thinking about all the productive things we’d like to do (get in shape, eat healthier, spend more time with our kids, spend more time on hobbies we used to enjoy, etc.), we keep going home and just switching on the TV and zoning out for the rest of the day.

There’s got to be somewhere to start, a first step that puts us on the path toward success, fulfillment and health.

There is, and it’s The Power of I Am.

Negativity is a whole bunch of “I am not” statements or beliefs. The first step is dropping the NOT and focusing on what you ARE. Maybe you just started playing guitar. You’re no Jimi Hendrix, but you’re never going to be when you keep saying: “I just started. I’m not very good at guitar.” No, you’re a guitarist. Say, “I am a great guitarist.”

Let’s spin this in the context of New Years Resolutions. A lot of people want to lose weight or get healthy. Let’s try this why of creating our destiny.

“I am a healthy non-smoker.”

“I am physically fit and fabulous.”

“I am healthy and take health seriously.”

“I am a changer – I accept change with ease.”

“I am a completer – I follow through with what I say I am doing”

“I am knowledgeable of what needs to be done”

Remember, “I Am” is the name God uses for himself throughout the Bible.  In that context, God is life, the creator, awareness, consciousness. For you, “I am” serves the same purposes: to help you live, to help you create, to bring awareness to your life and enhance your consciousness.

For some of you, saying something you don’t necessarily believe about yourself may seem silly and feel awkward. That’s fine and once you see how powerful this is, you will start laughing at your previous beliefs.

Look at it this way:  You can keep doing what your currently doing, which has led  you to the current state you are in. OR you can try this for 1, 2 or even 4 weeks and see how your life goes – what’s the harm?

Here are some of my favorite I am Statements…

“I am Blessed.”                                  “I am Powerful.”

“I am Prosperous.”                            “I am Strong.”

“I am Happy.”                                    “I am Energized.”

“I am Healthy.”                                  “I am Healed.”

This will help to break any cycle of negativity you’ve created and clear the path for more powerful affirmations, such as the ones listed above. When you take your mind out of a negative headspace and re-orient yourself toward creating the life you want for yourself, you’ll start to notice how things seem to fall into place. Your life diagram starts to look more like this:

Intention -> Positivity -> Thought -> Action -> Reality

And for those who would say, “they’re just words; they don’t make any difference,” take another good look at where people are who always say “I am not” are in their life vs. those who say “I am”

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